Connected Equipment. Efficient Facilities. Resilient Enterprises

Blue Pillar’s innovative solutions include Aurora®, a turnkey protocol and vendor agnostic platform for creating a Digital Energy Internet of Things network for connecting, controlling, and data acquisition of core facility mechanical and electrical equipment; Avise InsiteTM, a single site critical power and energy management application software specifically designed for critical and complex facilities; and Avise ForesiteTM, an enterprise software solution designed to support centralized facility management and energy management within geographically dispersed, multi-facility organizations.


Connectivity to all equipment.
Efficiency you can bank on. Resiliency you can control.

  • Facility Networks

    Ubiquitously create a Digital Energy Internet of Things network while collecting data from, controlling, and interfacing to building metering, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, and on-site generation and renewables regardless of age, vendor, or vintage with Blue Pillar's Aurora® platform.


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  • Individual Facilities

    In highly complex facilities where keeping the lights on is as important as keeping the energy bills low, Blue Pillar's Avise Insite™ energy efficiency and resiliency management software brings together all the key components of your energy system into one, fluid and transparent platform.  


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  • Facility Systems

    Multisite facility owners are increasingly looking to centralize management of capital, energy, and operational awareness over their entire facility footprint.  Blue Pillar's Avise Forsite™ connects critical facility information from all your sites into a single, robust platform ideally suited for to provide central facility operations & energy management. 

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Products Overview

Blue Pillar CEO Tom Willie describes the company's products and capabilities.

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Digital Energy Network of Things

Aurora is the industry's first and only turnkey platform encompassing survey, retrofit, interface, and data storage capabilities which create a single Digital Energy Network of ThingsTM  for core metering, electrical, mechanical, and generation equipment within your facility.  In addition, Aurora is fully compatible with Blue Pillar and 3rd party software applications - meaning once installed the power to choose which dash-boarding, visualization, and/or control software platform you utilize is entirely up to you.

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  • Equipment & Protocol Agnostic Connectivity

  • Highly Scalable Data Collection & Historian

  • Secure Two-Way Control

  • Open API for Software Application Interfacing

Energy & Critical Power Management for Complex / Critical Facilities

Avise Insite solves big challenges in the world's biggest facilities.  Keeping the lights on and energy costs down in facilities where bad things happen when the lights go off is our specialty.  Real-time operational and energy analytics combined with fully automated control processes such as emergency power supply system compliance testing and demand response dispatch provide value well beyond a simple dashboard.  Gain "insite" into your facility with Avise Insite.

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  • Facility Data Visualization (WAGES, EPSS, HVAC)

  • Behavior Trending / Reporting

  • Critical Power Management & Automated
    Joint Commission Testing

  • Equipment Health, Loading, & Readiness Monitoring

Centralized Facilities Management

Avise Foresite is a revolutionary, next generation analytics, reporting, and network operations software solution focused exclusively on supporting the Centralized Facility ManagementTM of multisite, geographically dispersed facility systems.  Aging workforce retirement, onboarding newly acquired or constructed faciltities, managing cost pressures, and energy efficiency program tracking are requiring corporate oversight of energy and operational data in a single platform.  Gain the "foresite" you need to refine your enterprise with Avise Foresite.

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  • Real-time Multisite Health & Readiness Monitoring

  • Energy trends, Site Comparisons, & Energy Efficiency Validation

  • Site Scorecards & Best / Worst Practice Benchmarking

  • Capital Budgeting & Asset Management Support

Connected equipment.  Efficient facilities.  Resilient enterprises.  Facility management capabilities at your fingertips when you need it and where you need it.

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