energy things®
power our world

Energy Things power the businesses and critical infrastructure all around us from hospitals and data centers to cable or wireless networks. More than 7,000,000+ Energy Things "Behind-the-Meter" control the electricity that powers our world. Without real-time control and visibility, we are less safe, productive and efficient.


Blue Pillar’s Aurora® unites all Energy Things onto an open, secure Energy Network of Things™ platform that offers real-time monitoring and control.


We Drive Profound Change

We Drive Profound Change By Connecting You to Your Energy Data

Today, vital energy data remains trapped inside legacy assets and proprietary systems. To access, crews walk to assets, conduct visual inspections, take readings from fuel tanks, batteries, and meters. Later, information is copied into spreadsheets for after-the-fact analysis.


Blue Pillar connects businesses to their Energy Things to unleash the power of real-time energy intelligence that strengthens critical infrastructure and accelerates business.

Blue Pillar 2019 Architecture


The Only Solution
to Unite All Energy Things
on One Platform

What if an IoT platform could offer universal connectivity and control to any Energy Thing, regardless of make, model, vintage or type and access data in real-time? Where cybersecurity was built-in and “best-fit” networks were self-prescribed, requiring no customized systems integration?



Welcome to Blue Pillar’s Energy Network of Things™ platform, powered by Aurora® — the world’s only template-driven IoT platform that automatically connects any Energy Thing without requiring you to “rip and replace” your perfectly functioning legacy energy infrastructure.


A Better Way

Like you, we’ve seen it all. Stranded assets, trapped energy data, and projects with so much customized development they were too costly to complete. Aurora is different. Our Energy Network of Things platform is template-driven and automated. It is the fastest, easiest way to unleash the power of your data.



Accelerate Time to Value

Looking for behind-the-meter data and control without impacting your operations or IT staff? Don't worry! We have options that can simplify and accelerate your deployment of Aurora.



Depending on your network architecture and IT hosting preferences, we can work with you to define the most turnkey deployment of the Aurora platform that works for your business.