Make Money For Your Facility

By participating in DR programs, you can earn a substantial payback. That’s right. Real money added to your bottom-line every year. And, depending on the program type, you may not need to change your energy consumption or facility infrastructure. 

Blue Pillar’s Aurora® makes the job of enrolling in DR faster. We can automate any type of DR from load shedding to onsite power generation. Aurora is OpenADR 2.0a VEN certified and we’ve partnered with Dell and Microsoft to offer a best-of-breed technology approach unrivaled in the industry. Imagine turning your generators into a cash register without changing a thing to your energy infrastructure. That’s the power of the Energy Network of Things ™.

What We Connected: ADR Use Case



More than 40% of utility bills are attributed to peak demand charges


Buildings consume 40% of the energy on the grid; participating in DR helps stabilize the grid


By 2040, the cost of energy is predicted to rise 18%


Did you know Aurora allows you to connect assets into Automated Demand Response programs 75% faster and 30% more affordably? Once installed, we give you full control over your DR participation. Aurora provides a manual override so you remain in control of your equipment. Reports show how much time generators were used in a DR event to confirm you are receiving full credit for your participation.