Making Demand Response Easier For Your Customers

Everyone agrees that Demand Response (DR) is a win/win for Energy Providers and their C+I customers. But convincing customers to integrate DR into their energy and operations protocols hasn't alwasy been easy. With Blue Pillar's Energy Network-as-a-Service® solution, your customers won't need to worry about changing their facility infrastructure to enable DR, and you get a no-touch, no-maintenance solution for connecting your customer's energy resources and enabling DR. 

Blue Pillar’s Aurora® platform makes the job of enrolling in DR faster than ever. We can automate any type of DR from load shedding to onsite power generation. Aurora is OpenADR 2.0a VEN certified and we’ve partnered with Dell and Microsoft to offer a best-of-breed technology approach unrivaled in the industry. We've partnered with some of the world's largest DR Aggregators, setting them apart from their competitors as we've enabled DR at their own critical facilities and at their C+I customers more quickly and easily than traditional DR solutions. That’s the power of the Energy Network of Things®.

What We Connected: ADR Use Case



More than 40% of utility bills are attributed to peak demand charges


Buildings consume 40% of the energy on the grid; participating in DR helps stabilize the grid


By 2040, the cost of energy is predicted to rise 18%


Aurora helps you be a hero with your customers by providing them with greater flexibility in what assets they enroll in your DR program, how they participate in DR events, and how they are able to opt-out of DR events. For example, when a DR event is scheduled to occur, your customer can opt out remotely through the Aurora platform or by pushing a button on the onsite gateway panel. This creates a level of comfort for your customers who may be in the midst of maintenance, critical processes, or testing which would be disrupted by a DR event.