Reduce Consumption

Reducing energy consumption is not just good for the environment, it’s good for business. But getting the end result is not always easy. The biggest impediment to realizing your energy management goals is the inability to connect and unleash real-time data from energy assets. That’s why for the last decade, we’ve focused on providing universal connectivity first. 

Aurora® connects all Energy Things™ into one open secure platform. We welcome any energy device or third-party application. This openness allow us to unlock the barriers that stood in the way of providing real-time energy management and control. You get the most energy savings which ultimately translates into a genuine competitive advantage for your business.

What We Connected: University Hospital Energy Management Use Case



Have access to real-time energy consumption


Of organizations say reaching their energy management goals will create a competetive advantage


More than 40% of utility bills are attributed to peak demand charges


Did you know Aurora provides many 1-click Energy Management reports like Heat Maps, Peak Demand Management and Energy Portfolio Drift? These allow you to quickly indicate what facilities have deviated from their historic consumption patterns. Now, you can take steps to quickly spot the best energy savings.