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energy network-as-a-service

A fully turnkey and automated approach to delivering Energy IoT networks of DERs, Energy Network-as-a-Service (ENaaS) eliminates operational deployment and maintenance concerns and delivers all hardware, installation and configuration required to keep your network alive.



Built to last on Blue Pillar’s award-winning Aurora® software platform and architecture, ENaaS eliminates as much as 30% of the expense of building behind-the-meter networks and provides a “no-touch,” proactively monitored, sensor-to-cloud energy IoT network that gives energy service providers (ESPs), utilities and application providers access to real-time, behind-the-meter data and control. With ENaaS, Blue Pillar owns and maintains all hardware needed to enable the Energy IoT network (e.g. sensors, gateways, etc.). We provide Service Level Agreements around data reliability and network uptime. We take the “necessary evil” of having to build and deploy IoT networks off your plate and allow you to focus on the data that will drive your enterprise.


We Drive Profound Change

Faster DER Connectivity Better DER Control

ENaaS takes the guesswork out of connecting Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) that sit behind the meter. Our seamless, end-to-end, behind-the-meter service provides an unparalleled customer experience that has proven to be deployed 75% faster than traditional system integrator and in-house solutions. Once connected, you have real-time data and bi-directional control of DERs that can feed higher-level applications like DERMs or Demand Response platforms.



The Aurora ENaaS offering provides the simplest, most affordable path to delivering next generation energy services that require real-time data and control behind-the-meter. Watch this short video to see for yourself how easy it is to integrate all of your DERs with ENaaS.

Energy Network-as-a-Service

Future Proof 
Unite all your Energy Things as you Continue to grow

ENaaS includes full lifecycle management so you never have to worry about anything becoming obsolete. As your company grows and you acquire additional DERs, we can seamlessly add them into your IoT network and include them in your full network coverage.



Blue Pillar’s centralized, vendor-agnostic Aurora Energy IoT platform ensures that you receive the data and control you need, regardless of make, model or vintage of the devices you need to connect, monitor and control.

 2018 ENaaS Marchitecture


Expert Solution 
Many Uses

Our comprehensive ‘turnkey’ approach takes you out of the energy control networking business and allows you to gain a competitive edge by focusing your efforts on how real-time data and control can differentiate your business.


The Aurora ENaaS offering is ideally suited to handle a multitude of verticals, services and application needs within the energy industry. It delivers easily digestible behind-the-meter data, in an unbeatably secure and autonomous fashion.