Unlock Real-time Meter Data

Understanding how your energy assets are performing is only as good as the meter data you’re getting. Whether you need data from utility feed meters or customer-owned meters, pulse or communications-enabled meters, electric, gas, water or steam meters, or even meters within existing Automatic Transfer Switches, Blue Pillar offers a comprehensive network solution.

Aurora® provides universal connectivity and real-time situational awareness of all meters and sub-meters regardless of make, model or vintage. You receive a comprehensive view of total energy consumption per asset to help you identify energy saving opportunities.

What We Connected: Healthcare System Metering Use Case



Less than 5% of facilities have access to real-time energy data


Of organizations say reaching their energy management goals will create a competetive advantage


Of time spent in break/fix mode


Out-of-the-box, Blue Pillar provides real-time status views across all meters we connect. The need for manual meter readings is eliminated, cutting down on manhours.  Meter data flowing into Aurora can provide asset-to-asset, building-to-building and location-to-location comparisons for assessment of consumption and demand. Real-time data from meters located at multiple geographic locations can be mined from one central location.