Avoid Power Outages

The real value of microgrids truly emerged in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Microgrids hold the key to resiliency. By strengthening facilities and critical infrastructure with a continuous, uninterrupted supply of power, microgrids can minimize the impacts of sustained outages. 

Ranked the #1 leader in microgrid portfolio by Navigant, Blue Pillar more easily connects and controls the Energy Things™ needed for a microgrid. Aurora® is the only IoT solution to connect all Energy Things into one open and secure platform. We eliminate barriers that prevent successful microgrid deployments: for example, the need to connect legacy diesel generators to next generation assets like solar panels. Blue Pillar levels the playing field by connecting any Energy Thing into one centralized platform regardless of make, model, vintage or type.

What We Connected: Microgrid Use Case



Power outages are up 265% since 1984


Power outages cost $150B a year


Blue Pillar Named #1 Microgrid Leader by Navigant


Did you know that Aurora has built-in security? We take a defense in-depth approach that builds security into the device, application, and network layers. We also hire security experts to put our code to the test. Working with a leader in vulnerability testing, we have received a certificate of attestation stating that we have taken all measures possible to create a secure product so you don’t have to worry about introducing a point of vulnerability through your microgrid deployment.