Avoid Interruptions

Super storms, extreme weather and grid instability are driving up power outages. Providers of critical services do not have the luxury to stop during an outage. Instead, they rely on fleets of back-up power generators. But even back-up generators fail if they are not monitored or properly maintained. 

Protect critical infrastructure that can’t go down in an outage. Auror provides automated monitoring and control of entire distributed generation fleets. Gain real-time situational awareness of battery voltage and fuel tank levels without making a single site visit. Testing is accomplished remotely with a live video feed. Real-time health data is available online. Alarms are sent to mobile devices. You save operational expenses while protecting critical services.

What We Connected: Cable Provider Use Case



Power outages are up 265% since 1984


Of generators fail to start in an outage


Of the service calls on generators are alarms that need to be reset


Blue Pillar provides situational awareness of the primary drivers that cause generators to fail in an emergency. But, Aurora is much more than a “monitoring only” solution. We provide 1-click compliance reports that can be shown to the EPA or auditors in accordance with industry standards such as NFPA 100. We automate reporting and save vital compliance information as digital records – a much more organized, searchable way to have an audit trail across a diverse generator fleet.