Unleash The Power Of New Energy Services

With a 400% increase in behind-the-meter distributed generation, it is undeniable that we are in the midst of a sweeping energy industry transformation. And, for many energy service providers, IoT provides an exciting opportunity to extend their reach behind-the-meter to offer customers new revenue generating services. 

Aurora® can be installed faster and connect more energy assets than any other IoT solution, meaning you can bring new services to market 75% faster – all with built-in security. Gain a competitive advantage by unlocking new revenue generating services across a diverse distribution generation fleet from fuel cells to wind, CHP and solar.

What We Connected: Energy Service Provider Use Case



There's been a 400% increase in distributed generation assets behind-the-meter in just the last 5 years



Say they will generate their own onsite power in the near future



Said they needed to improve real-time energy consumption data


Out-of-the-box, Blue Pillar provides real-time status views across all Energy Things™ we connect from diesel generators and fuel cells to storage devices. Data from local Distributed Energy Resources at the customer's premises is shared centrally. Aurora is open to allow energy providers to plug-and-play their own applications such as grid balancing, load shedding, voltage optimization or demand-side management. Real-time data is accessible and can be mined from one central location.