State-of-the-art remote generator monitoring and control.

No matter which make, model, or age of generator or control panel, make sure the generator starts when needed!

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Why Blue Pillar OnsitePower?

At Blue Pillar, we connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment and devices.

Blue Pillar’s OnsitePower solution makes it fast and simple to deploy and maintain remote connectivity to onsite power equipment; providing 24x7 web-based access to monitor and control the generator whether you’re in the building or half a world away.

Whether a single generator, an entire emergency power system, or a portfolio of onsite power equipment, OnsitePower provides instant access to the state, health, and readiness of your equipment.

Blue Pillar OnsitePower Platform

What sets Blue Pillar apart?

We believe there's a better way to do things in the world of industrial connectivity.

Private Cloud Environment

For enterprise customers, we provide a private cloud environment with dedicated cloud containers so your data and access is not co-mingled with anyone else.

Best-of-class IoT and Cloud Technology

We build reliability and resiliency into your solution using best-of-class IoT technology and cloud-based architecture including Microsoft Azure, and ensure communications are fully-encrypted between the OnsitePower gateway and the cloud.


When you send generator and ATS test commands, there is no delay between pushing the start button on your phone and the generator cranking.


The OnsitePower user interface is designed to be used on a mobile device so you can manage your equipment and devices wherever you are.


We are not a hardware company. We are 100% focused on IoT platform software and can work with many gateway manufacturers’ hardware.

Generator Agnostic

Our platform is created to handle your real world reality and works with any diverse portfolio of generators regardless of make, model, or age.


OnsitePower is designed to support a fleet or portfolio of generators through a single log in. There is no need to login to each generator separately.


As your needs expand, integrate to other software systems through the Blue Pillar IoT Access API and easily connect to other equipment types

Asset Management

The journaling interface allows users to log maintenance reports or notes and upload equipment manuals and documentation about each generator so you can stay up-to-date on what services have been performed.


Our open reporting interface supports out-of-the-box generator run reports, creation of custom reports, and integration to third-party reporting tools.