What do you wish you knew about your remote facilities, right now?

What if you could learn about site anomalies, exercise emergency power control, and access information about your energy consumption and behaviors, all from your phone or computer? Can you test critical infrastructure at the touch of a button, or control unnecessary waste from hundreds of miles away?

Here’s the thing: All of that is possible.

Our time-saving technology is cost-effective.

At Blue Pillar, we connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment and devices.

This means it’s fast and simple to deploy and maintain remote connectivity to distributed, remote facilities. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars to check up on your facilities’ systems, or wasting resources on unmonitored equipment and devices.

Blue Pillar’s Remote Facility™ solution is a one-of-a-kind industrial IoT platform, giving your team 24-7 web-based access to monitor and control your equipment and devices, whether you’re in the building or half a
world away.

Avoid system downtime, fix issues before they become problems, save employee time, and save money on energy efficiency.

If you knew more about your facility, you could avoid disaster before it happens

With Blue Pillar’s Remote Facility Solution, the controls for your remote facility are in the palm of your hand - no matter where you are.

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Improve Safety Compliance

Improve Safety Measures

Real-time remote access and response increases the safety of everyone relying on the critical infrastructure in remote facilities. Immediate notifications of site anomalies, emergency power management, testing critical infrastructure, and changing set points are all benefits of creating this valuable connection to facilities without typing up local personnel.

Capture Operational Savings

Capture Operational Savings

Driving around to remote facilities to triage issues, conduct weekly inspections, and test emergency power systems is inefficient and often ineffective. Access to Blue Pillar’s Remote Facility solution gives facility personnel the capabilities to make smart decisions and eliminate unnecessary operational waste when dealing with the requirements of managing remote facilities.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Efficiency starts with access to your consumption and behaviors. Whether focused on reporting and analysis or going all the way to automating energy consumption measures, real-time access to energy usage and the underlying facility equipment is the only approach that will drive predictable and sustainable savings and conservation.