Drive A Higher Standard Of Patient Care

Hospitals face many daunting challenges. Pressure to improve quality of care, protect patient safety and derive continued growth creates difficult trade-offs in facility management. 

Elevate your hospital to a higher standard of patient care while improving operational efficiency and adherence to compliance standards with Blue Pillar. For the last decade, the world’s leading hospitals have chosen Aurora® to measure health and readiness of Energy Things™ through real-time indicators such as generator fuel levels, ATS switch responsiveness, and battery status — all while controlling assets across multiple facilities, simplifying compliance, conducting generator or load tests and participating in automated demand response.

What We Connected: Hospital Use Case

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Of hospitals fail their EPSS compliance audit


Of generators fail to start in an outage


Power outages have increased 265% since 1984


Meet the highest level of compliance on your emergency power systems with Aurora. One-click compliance dashboards and scorecards are provided out-of-the-box. Testing can be performed remotely with a video/audio stream. Results are captured electronically making them easier to store than volumes of binders. Now, there is no need to bet your entire compliance strategy on clipboards and stop watches that may not be giving you the insight required to elevate your hospital to a higher standard of patient care.