Maximize Legacy and Next-Gen Assets

Colleges and universities strive to be on the cutting edge of energy advances, with a goal of creating highly sustainable and energy efficient campuses with a net zero carbon footprint. Yet, while looking for ways to upgrade to cleaner sources of energy, many struggle to maximize the capabilities of their legacey energy assets.

With Blue Pillar's Aurora® Energy Network of Things® platform as your premier device management interface, you can integrate all of your legacy assets, including Building Automation Systems and Building Management Systes, with your newer solar, CHP and battery systems to maximize data accuracy, quality, reliability and uptime. We call that building an "Energy-Smart University" and it's the easiest and most cost-effective way to upgrade your multi-campus facilities so you have comprehensive data and control over all of your Enerty Things®.

What We Connected: University Multi-campus Energy System



Less than 5% of facilities have access to real-time energy data


Of organizations say reaching their energy management goals will create a competetive advantage


Of time spent in break/fix mode


Would you like to compare facilities at the click of a mouse? Aurora provides multi-site building reports and scorecarding so you can see building-by-building comparisons on key metrics such as consumption, energy management and outage management. Capitalize on the changes that will create the biggest savings for your campuses. With Aurora, you can know in real-time if any campus or building is in an outage situation or over-consuming energy based on real-time benchmark data.