Blue Pillar automates ground storage tank and remote well pumps operation with IoT based solution by leveraging one of its strongest features: control.

June 21, 2021

Step 1 - the first stage was implemented over a year ago and included providing remote connectivity and user control to 7 remote well pumps that allowed the operators to receive alerts, change the operating frequency of the pumps, and manually turn the pumps off and on based on storage tank conditions.  This solution eliminated the daily activity of driving around and manually managing these remote stations as well as applying back pressure into the system as a way of managing capacity and flowrate.  Between the operational efficiency gained through avoided truck rolls and the energy savings of running the pumps at the optimal frequency, the municipality conservatively achieved a payback of less than 3 months on the initial investment.

Water and Wastewater IoT Solutions

Step 2 - when the municipal water utility called us last week, they had lost the hard-wired connection between the pumps and the storage tank which resulted in the overall water system becoming 100% manually operated. With one Blue Pillar IoT gateway and less than 2 hours on-site, the storage tank was integrated into the centralized IoT solution and automatically calling the remote pumps for water.

Control is essential to solving any truly valuable customer problem with remote connectivity.  But.. it isn't easy and cyber security is acritical element of confidently providing this level of automation.   Gone are the days of dial-up modems and SCADA-over-cell.   Check us out to learn more about how IoT can transform the way you run your remote operations.

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