Self Service to Full Service. You choose.

Whether you need help designing your Industrial IoT solution, want to deploy and manage your Industrial IoT network yourself, or want us to handle everything for you, we have a flexible and scalable approach to meet you where you are today and get you where you want to be.

Design Services

Accelerate your IoT strategy with our technical consulting and design services

At Blue Pillar many of our projects involve helping our customers architect a scalable industrial IoT solution.  Blue Pillar’s experienced team of engineers, with backgrounds in Microsoft Azure, industrial automation, PLC programming, SCADA software, industrial protocols, software development, system integrations, and cyber-security, work side-by-side with our customers to architect and design an Industrial IoT solution to stand up a proof of concept rapidly.

We are focused on sharing our insights and learnings from over 14 years of designing and building industrial IoT solutions.  There is no need for you to learn all the hard lessons — Blue Pillar will help you avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes so that the solution you adopt is robust, scalable, and built using current technologies.

We pride ourselves on being a vital partner to our customers and providing our customers a world-class experience.

Installation Services

Quickly and easily deploy and commission sites and identified equipment

Blue Pillar offers a full range of deployment and installation services, from a turnkey project delivered at scale or a pilot project deployed by your team with remote support from Blue Pillar. We have over 14 years of experience delivering industrial IoT projects and have built an ecosystem of electrical contractors across the nation that can perform the hardware installation led by a Blue Pillar Project Manager & Industrial IoT engineers.

Blue Pillar Deployment Timeline
Management Services

Managed Services

Let Blue Pillar proactively monitor and manage your Industrial IoT network

Proactive Monitoring and Management

We monitor your Blue Pillar IoT Platform, servers, virtual machines, databases, gateways, devices, and sensors to ensure optimal operation. We find and resolve IoT system issues before they become problems.

Retro-Commissioning Onsite Visit

We provide onsite retro-commissioning services to evaluate that your Blue Pillar platform is working as expected and that you are receiving maximum value and an excellent customer experience.

Remote Professional Services

We provide remote professional services to make software configuration changes, run customer reports, or provide any expertise to ensure you get the most from your Blue Pillar system.

Software Maintenance & Updates

We notify you of new software updates, and coordinate with you to schedule the update to your platform.

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