Simple. Flexible. Scalable.

We eliminate the complexity of implementing Industrial IoT network-based solutions by abstracting and providing context to the underlying technology. Deliver flexible, scalable solutions to your customers without the need for internal Industrial IoT expertise.


Install, test, and verify deployments without any programming

Support the survey, design, deployment and post-install management of IIoT networks.

Templates and support for existing device connectivity as well as an extensive library of retrofit solutions for equipment without existing data connectivity.

Create networks of equipment cost-effectively without in-depth knowledge of IoT technology.

Tweak deployments with real-time customization to account for site-to-site differences and behaviors.

Support full remote management regardless of communication style (LAN vs cell) to maximize the post deployment flexibility and support.


Centralize access and connectivity

Out-of-the-box user interface that provides live equipment visualization, user and visual configuration, alarming, historical trending, control, event scheduling/execution, and reporting.

Customer API supports integration into 3rd party solutions/systems for historical data, alarming, live data, and control.

Configure site and equipment alarms that provide real-time alarm detection and notification within seconds.

Context Engine

Manage and contextualize data and communication

Automatically abstract and eliminate the complexities of underlying IoT technologies leveraging patented technology in our Context Engine.

Facilitate distributed industrial automation plug-n-play.

Take full advantage of the intelligence of preconfigured device profiles to easily connect equipment and support unique use cases.

Ensure guaranteed delivery for historical data capture and storage.

Leverage data contextualization and transformation.

Deploy in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment.

Gain autonomous and real-time control over the data and devices.

Industrial IoT Edge Gateway

Connect and control equipment and telemetry

Expand your Industrial IoT foundation to include any type of equipment from any vendor.

Support equipment protocols of 3rd parties and manufacturers as well as retrofit kits for after-market sensors and devices

Create secure connectivity to provide confidence in solutions requiring control responses

Enable connectivity value at price-points not previously available with traditional industrial connectivity solutions by leveraging third-party gateways

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