Simple and affordable connectivity to remote water and wastewater facilities.

Add complete monitoring, control, alarming, and trending to all of your sites at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

That’s where Blue Pillar comes in. Originally founded to serve the healthcare industry in 2006, we have continued to evolve, and in 2019, we brought our expertise in equipment connectivity to the water and wastewater markets. Blue Pillar provides robust, affordable alternatives to existing solutions in order to improve your operations.

While the primary drivers for water and wastewater customers adopting Blue Pillar may vary, the same Blue Pillar technology is at the foundation of each application. We have optimized the software, hardware, installation, and configuration needed to achieve a price point that was not possible before.

Use Cases

Remote Equipment Connectivity

Connect to remote equipment including lift stations, well pumps, storage tanks, generators, meters, etc. for remote monitoring, control, alarming/alerts, reporting and historical data logging. Blue Pillar's end-to-end solution provides communication, visualization user interfaces, and alerts, and it easily integrates into other systems.

Data Logger Replacement

Instead of paying for a temporary data logger for engineering studies, and committing resources to collect the data, Blue Pillar’s solution can help you put a permanent solution with real-time connectivity in place at a discount compared to the temporary solution.

Existing Systems Integration

Provides simple connectivity for customer data from existing systems such as SCADA and manufacturers controllers/systems for integration into compliance and analytics solutions for use cases such as water quality compliance and test reporting and energy management.

How we can help:

For the first time, we’ve made it fast and simple to manage remote equipment and systems. Blue Pillar has used our 15+ years of experience to learn how to connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment, all without requiring the same investment associated with SCADA and other technologies.

Now you can deploy and maintain connectivity to distributed, remote facilities, in addition to your main campus. Our one-of-a-kind approach uses our “context engine” and Azure IoT technology, but isn’t proprietary to any one equipment vendor, giving you the flexibility to use Blue Pillar for a single facility or system-wide, without locking into a single equipment centric vendor solution.

Platform Benefits

Operational Savings

Operational Savings

Driving around to remote facilities to triage issues, conduct weekly inspections, and test emergency power systems is inefficient and often ineffective. Access to Blue Pillar’s Remote Facility solution gives facility personnel the capabilities to make smart decisions and eliminate unnecessary operational waste when dealing with the requirements of managing remote facilities.

Go Beyond the Pump

Go Beyond the Pump

Connect and control any asset or sensor at your pump stations, lift stations, wells, or any other unmanned sites on our consolidated IIoT platform. Managed assets might include well pumps, storage tanks, generators, meters, etc.

Full Coverage

Full Coverage / No Hidden Fees

When it comes to enabling your connectivity-based service and solutions, avoid the enormous cost and responsibility of integrating your own communications and integration network. Blue Pillar will allow you to take advantage of our 15+ years of experience dedicated to making remote connectivity reliable, affordable and simple.   Instead of worrying about connecting your solutions and services, Blue Pillar allows you to focus on what you do best and get started with what we do best.


In order to provide the best possible solution for your needs, we offer three packages for water and wastewater facilities. Choose the package that works for you, or speak to one of our experts to learn more.