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We believe there's a better way to do things in the world of industrial connectivity.

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Setting up IoT networks is complex and rigid...

The old, dated way of doing things required too many resources, time, and in-depth IoT technical knowledge to stand up a static infrastructure, typically limited to a specific manufacturer hardware class and use case. This creates a complex, rigid IoT system that doesn't allow for scale or adapting to new types of equipment, devices, or new use cases.

It doesn't have to be this hard.

We found patterns in our 16+ years of experience that enables us to quickly and simply connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control devices so you can create flexible, scalable solutions for your company or customers.

  • ● We eliminate the complexities of Industrial IoT
  • ● We speak your language so you don't have to learn ours
  • ● We are your IoT experts so you don't have to be
  • ● We make distributed industrial automation plug-n-play

Why are we different

We completely abstract the complexities of IoT through our unique Context Engine that lets you speak in your language of business without the need to learn the language of IoT.

Singular Focus

We are focused on the biggest challenge of Industrial IoT – connectivity. We handle the plumbing so you can focus on business value by building your industrial IoT solution on top of a solid foundation.

Hardware Agnostic

Our platform is created to handle your real world reality and works with any diverse portfolio of manufacturers, vintages, and equipment types that you have to easily scale your IoT foundation.

Best-of-class IoT Technology

Eliminate the worry of getting stuck with a platform that gets left behind. Our solution is built using best-of-class IoT technology that we continuously evaluate and evolve including Microsoft Azure, Embedded Linux OS, Kepware, MQTT, Dell, and MultiTech.


We are not a hardware company. We are 100% focused on IoT platform software and can work with any manufacturer's hardware. We can provide your IoT gateway or you can bring your own.

Managed Services

We have the ability to not only help you design, build, and deploy your IoT solution, we bring years of experience and IoT expertise to manage them.

Full Tech Stack Management

We eliminate the need for you to evaluate, select, and manage all the components that make up an Industrial IoT solution. We manage all the cloud services, gateway, sensor hardware, and cellular communications so you don't have to.

Services Flexibility

From self-service to full-service, turnkey deployments managed by us, we have flexible options to support you. We are here to help make your IoT solution successful.

World-class Team

We love Industrial IoT, and we are technical and engineering to the core. We like the hard work and will roll up our sleeves so you can stay focused on your business priorities.

Network Flexibility

We support on-premise, cloud, and hybrid implementations so whatever your environment needs are, we can handle it and create a solution that scales with you.

Why companies trust us

"The choice of Blue Pillar for our Industrial IoT connectivity needs was simple. These guys truly know IoT and they “get” the real world environment of IoT connectivity where things can get messy at the edge.  No one provides a faster, broader or more flexible approach to IoT connectivity than Blue Pillar."

Brent Hollenbeck, CEO, TimberRock Advanced Energy

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