Emergency Power

Staying connected to your power equipment is a pressing concern.

Without that connection, you might end up wasting time and resources, or experiencing costly or dangerous issues.

That’s where Blue Pillar comes in. Originally founded in 2006, we have continued to evolve to help meet the needs of leading energy providers, utilities and generator service companies, both national or regional. Many of these customers began by focusing on a small number of their critical facilities, and subsequently evolved to use Blue Pillar technologies to benefit operations across their system.  

Industry Power

While our clients have varying reasons for adopting Blue Pillar for their connectivity needs, the same technology is at the foundation of each application. Blue Pillar has optimized the software, hardware, installation, and configuration needed to achieve a price point that was not possible before.

Use Cases

Cloud based integration platform

Provide simple connectivity for customer data from existing systems such as Building Automation Systems (BAS), SCADA, and Manufacturer controllers/systems for integration into energy management and analytics solutions for use cases including energy management as a service, customer billing, and demand charge management.

Energy Meter Connectivity

Efficiently log historical data for electric and gas meters, and easily integrate to an open API for inclusion into various analytics and reporting solutions. Customers commonly use this data for demand response, market intelligence and trading, and key customer usage tracking. Energy data may be trended directly with Blue Pillar's user interface or linked to 3rd party analytics solutions for additional analysis and processing.

Remote Equipment Solutions

Connect to remote equipment cost effectively for remote monitoring, control, alarming/alerts, and historical data logging. Blue Pillar's end-to-end solution provides communication, visualization, alerts, and history as well as offering additional processing options with the platform API tailored to easily integrate into other systems.

Remote Generator Management

We provide automated testing and event management for generators, ATS’s, fuel tanks/systems, and switchgear. Reports are generated and stored to allow for electronic record keeping of monthly generator testing performance.

Alternative data logger

Avoid paying for an expensive temporary data logger for load/energy studies. Blue Pillar’s solution is permanent and will cost a fraction of a 30 day temporary study.

SCADA system replacement

Take an alternative approach for replacing aging SCADA systems. Blue Pillar preserves the underlying telemetry and hardware while providing the ability to overhaul the networking, collection, and access to these points via modern IoT technology.

How we can help:

For the first time, we’ve made it fast and simple to manage remote equipment and systems. Blue Pillar has used our 15+ years of experience to learn how to connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment, all without requiring the same investment associated with SCADA and other technologies.

Now you can deploy and maintain connectivity to distributed, remote facilities, in addition to your main campus. Our one-of-a-kind approach uses our “context engine” and Azure IoT technology, but isn’t proprietary to any one equipment vendor, giving you the flexibility to use Blue Pillar for a single facility or system-wide, without locking into a single equipment centric vendor solution.

Platform Benefits

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

You can avoid the enormous cost and responsibility of integrating your own communications and integration network. Take advantage of our 15+ years of experience dedicated to making remote connectivity reliable, affordable and simple. Instead of worrying about connecting your solutions and services, Blue Pillar allows you to focus on what you do best.

Enhance Customer Value

Enhance Customer Value

Blue Pillar’s IoT Platform will help you implement and manage your connected systems and sites, while also providing you a simple and effective access point for your end customers. With the click of the button, allow your customers access to their equipment along with your solutions and services; providing them transparency and added value for the overall solution.

Drive Operational Savings

Drive Operational Savings

Driving around to remote facilities to triage issues, conduct weekly inspections, and test emergency power systems is inefficient and often ineffective. Access to Blue Pillar’s Remote Facility solution gives facility personnel the capabilities to make smarter decisions and eliminate unnecessary operational waste when dealing with the requirements of managing remote facilities.