Blue Pillar Enables ESG Compliance Reporting

March 21, 2022

Blue Pillar has recently partnered with an environmental commodity management and transaction platform to simplify and accelerate their mission in de-carbonization through the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Program.  

Blue Pillar’s platform automates customer data collection and reporting. Without Blue Pillar, the environmental commodity trading partner required its customers to develop custom solutions for data collection and reporting on LCFS credits.  In addition to being significantly more expensive to build and maintain, these custom solutions were largely manual in nature and led to inaccurate readings and potential exposure for penalties and LCFS disqualification.

Blue Pillar’s platform also provides a full-feature customer facing user interface that support live visualization, trending, alerts, and reporting for the customer’s ESG program needs.

Customer Trending via Blue Pillar's UI

LCFS is the latest example of the ESG capability in Blue Pillar’s simple and affordable IIoT platform, joining demand response M&V, energy trading applications and commercial real estate sub-metering as key components to our energy service partner’s success.

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