Blue Pillar enables DER sites for new partner Outlier Energy

February 15, 2022

Outlier Energy (visit Outlier Energy) selected Blue Pillar’s Energy IIoT platform to enable its first two Distributed Energy Resource (DER) sites in Washington, DC and Utah.  Blue Pillar’s Energy IIoT platform allows Outlier to remotely monitor and manage its CHP-based microgrids located at their customer sites. By simply connecting their back-end market intelligence solution to the Blue Pillar platform, Outlier is able to provide performance and reporting data to their end customer as well as remote control and market based adjustments.  Outlier’s previous partner had attempted to enable the same sites using traditional, custom built software applications but, failed to deliver the projects over a two year period. In contrast, Blue Pillar's simple and affordable solution was delivered in less than a day onsite at a fraction of the price contracted with the initial partner.

Site Meter Trend

"The simplicity and affordability of Blue Pillar's solution makes embedding them as our DER connectivity provider a no-brainer. Their IOT system installs in days and is the most cost-effective solution we have found in the industry." says Outlier Energy COO Chris Whipple.

The microgrid sites included grid-paralleled CHP systems powered by microturbines,electric power quality meters, gas meters, and switchgear.  All equipment was picked up and delivered to Outlier's market facing platform via BluePillar's Energy IIoT platform.

BluePillar CEO Brad Witter adds, "These are the perfect use cases for bringing simplicity and affordability to the DER and DERMS marketplace dominated by legacy systems and approaches."

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