Blue Pillar saves the day for Energy Service Provider

September 30, 2021

Three years ago, an Energy Services company focused on distributed generation chose one of the "big guys" as their underlying monitoring and control solution to power their distributed generation offering.   While priced at a premium, many companies believe that the larger, more established organizations provide a safety net similar to how many years ago "no one ever was fired for choosing <<insert any Fortune 100 company name here>>".

24months later…  The first site is more expensive than the project margin for the Energy Services company and the second site is still not complete.   With 200 sites in scope over the next couple of years, the Energy Services company turned to Blue Pillar.   At less than 10%of the upfront cost AND annual fee required by the incumbent, Blue Pillar was able to get the customer back on track within a month of placing the order.

With Blue Pillar's simple and affordable platform that easily enables distributed generation monitoring and control, this customer enjoys:

  • Integration of their market intelligence engine directly into Blue Pillar's platform API
  • Easy mobile access to Blue Pillar's web-based application user interface
  • Remote insight to real-time equipment status and alerts for immediate action to equipment trouble
  • Pay-as-you-grow pricing which allows them to scale their business without an enormous up-front expense for initial sites.
  • Vendor flexibility with Blue Pillar's platform support of all makes and models of equipment

The "safe" route doesn’t always guarantee results and rarely ends up as the cost effective choice over the long term.  We are excited to see innovative emerging companies that are choosing innovation, speed, and affordability over a name brand.  

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