Blue Pillar Helps Manage Through the Storm

March 9, 2021

With many customers, employees and friends in the impacted areas, we experienced first hand the difficulties from the storms.  

Many Blue Pillar customers experienced first hand the benefits of being connected to their remote sites and equipment during a major weather event.  After speaking with  of them a few key themes kept repeating:

  • Being able to monitor assets, either a few or hundreds, remotely was crucial.  
  • The Weather Map feature was used heavily in many cases.  This allowed customers to see which units were shortly to be impacted, allowing for testing and preparation while diverting crews around the storms for safety.
  • Below is an actual screen shot from a customer in Texas during the storms:
  • One-Click Troubleshooting was also a huge help.  Email/text alerts now have a hyper link.  Simply click the link to be taken directly into the Blue Pillar app and right to the specific asset with the alarm.  This was particularly helpful for customers with large numbers of assets and helped alleviate searching for the correct sites.  

In the coming months, we are sure many utilities and companies in the impacted areas will be reviewing the connectivity and control of their energy assets from the perspective of a variety of uses cases.  We'd love to talk about the ways Blue Pillar can help to quickly and easily get new sites connected or replace aging infrastructure.  

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