Whatever your use case,
Blue Pillar has you covered.

Automated demand response

Monitor and dispatch a portfolio of distributed generation assets

Central monitoring and dispatch solution for DERMS

Centralized alarming and historian

API connectivity support for integration to customer system

Real-time meter usage reporting

Centralizing gas meter for real-time requirements and gas trading

Support for utility pulse or after-market meters

Centralizing electric meter information from utility and sub-meter telemetry

Support for demand response real-time data and settlement reporting

3rd party connectivity support for integration into customer back office

Municipal water applications

Remote Lift Station Monitoring  & Control

Monitoring and control for water management

Centralized connectivity for visualization and automation

Operational improvements for driving energy and support savings

Remote generator monitoring and control

Remote monitoring and control for onsite generators and/or ancillary critical power components

Trending, alarming, and reporting for all connected points

Support for generator compliance testing

Hospital emergency power testing, compliance, and reporting

JCAHO / DNV compliance testing and reporting for emergency power systems

Trending support for emergency power equipment via Aurora Historian

Support for multi-campus environments

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