Blue Pillar Releases New OnsitePower Solution for Remote Generator Monitoring

October 14, 2020

Blue Pillar is excited to announce our OnsitePower Solution. At Blue Pillar, we connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment and devices. Now, no matter which make, model, or age of generator or control panel, you can be sure the generator starts when needed with state-of-the-art remote generator monitoring and control.

OnsitePower is built on our world class Industrial IoT platform and is equipment agnostic, super simple to install, affordable and secure. Blue Pillar’s OnsitePower solution makes it fast and simple to deploy and maintain remote connectivity to onsite power equipment, providing 24x7 web-based access to monitor and control the generator whether you’r in the building or half a world away.

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